Pieces For Palestine

About the project

It is in Rapolitics' DNA to look beyond the Danish borders when we collaborate with artists and activists, and Palestine is in our hearts. With the project Pieces for Palestine, we create a platform where young people in Denmark and the West Bank meet, get professional and creative input and co-create within the genres of hip hop culture. 

Palestinians both in and outside of Palestine have constantly experienced that their identity and existence have been threatened, and for far too long the international community has neglected the Palestinians' call for basic human rights and sanctions against their oppressors. In the meeting between young people in the West Bank and here in Denmark, Pieces for Palestine will create a space for new understandings and an entrance to create change on the young people's own terms. 


We want Palestine on the world map, on passports, on playlists, and listed in Guinness World Records. Simply put, we seek to include Palestine in more societal agendas, and we need your help for the whole world to listen.  
Rapolitics is uniting rappers from around the world to collaborate on a huge cypher track, encouraging the participants to speak out about the ever-present injustices, and to advocate for Palestine to be placed on the map.  

This is how YOU can be a part of the project NOW:  

  1. Sign up as contributor to receive your personal link for submitting your contribution 

Follow THIS LINK to reserve your spot on the world cypher and receive instructions on how to submit your recording.  

  1. Pick your beat 

Choose your favorite amongst the beats produced exclusively by ABUL3EES for the cypher. You can listen to the beats HERE

  1. Write, rap and record 

We need your help to amplify the call of the Palestinians. 

Your 16 bars can get Palestine on playlists and make the whole world listen. 

All contributions will be screened, and no offensive or discriminating content will be tolerated.  

  1. Submit your contribution 

Upon registration in step 1, we will provide you a link to your personal contribution folder and a link to notify us about your contribution and submit your lyrics. 


We need your registration!

In 2019, our storyteller Mudi travelled to the West Bank to visit the Dheisheh refugee camp. He met the rapper Sophie Alayasa aka Ettijah and the graffiti artist Moodie. Both of them uses art and creativity to express their emotions and experiences from life in an occupied country.