About the project


For the third year, we were participating in the Danish Center for Culture and Development's (CKU) Youth Program.
In 2011, we participated with the projects Street Art Signatures and Rap Queens from the Middle East. In 2012, we participated with Krumping Liberia, Revolutionary Rap from Egypt and Video Shooting in Sierra Leone. And in 2014, we were back with a project focussing on the world’s youngest nation and how their raptivists use rap as a way to preach peace and reconciliation. The focus of CKU’s Youth Program is to engage Danish students and youths in what is happening around the world through art. Thus, all the projects consists of a series of workshops around Denmark with the participation of international raptivits and artivists.

Oyee! South Sudan Rap

Can rap music contribute to peace and reconciliation in one of the world’s most conflict affected countries? During the civil wars in Sudan thousands of orphaned boys ended as child soldiers in the hands of militant rebel armies. Much of the population fled the country or ended up as internally displaced people. In 2011, Sudan was divided into two and as South Sudan celebrated its independence, many South Sudanese people returned with a strong commitment to build their new country. The rappers Mijok Lang (aka Hot Dogg), who has lived in exile for years, and Lual D’Awol (aka L.U.A.L.) are two of them. They use rap to tell their personal stories, to fight for peace and reconciliation and to make the world aware of the plights of South Sudan, which again is affected by conflicts. During the workshops in Denmark, the two rappers challenged, together with one of our RAPOLITICS-coaches, the participants to put rhythms and words to their thoughts and opinions.

  • Time Frame

    September – October 2014

  • Donors

    CKU (Danish Center for Culture and Development)