Top 5: Summer of Raptivism

Af Lucas Nielsen

We at RAPOLITICS had a very busy summer. So here are five examples of pure raptivism – check them out!

1. Palestinian Artivism in the Streets of Copenhagen

Seven young Palestinian street artists visited Denmark in July 2014 in order to bring some artivism and decorate a series of murals and tunnels in cooperation with Danish graffiti artists. They were invited by the Danish organization StreetStudies to participate in a project funded by the Danish Center for Culture and Development. The purpose of the project was to provide the young artists from Nablus, Ramallah and Jerusalem with a creative platform where they could learn more about graffiti and street art, express their views in murals and engage in a dialogue with Danish artists and the public in general. RAPOLITICS performed at an event and we have a picture blog about it – read it here.

2. Rap Workshop @ Summer Camp in Kolding, Denmark

DFUNK (Danish Refugee Council’s Youth Network) repeated the success from the previous two years by organizing a Summer Camp in Denmark for refugee youth. At this year’s summer camp 25 Danish youth had the opportunity to meet and hang-out with 65 youth who came to Denmark as refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and other hotspots of the world. RAPOLITICS conducted a rap workshop for the participants, who put words to their challenges, dreams and ambitions in various languages. Our RAPOLITICS-coach Emil captured the feeling of the workshop with some cool pictures!

3. Girls in Copenhagen Speak Up with Rap, Poetry and Spoken Word

Speak Up! is all about creating a greater interest in rap, spoken word, poetry and stage-performance amongst girls in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. We have been busy planning the project this Summer and the activities will be starting this month. It is our great volunteer Julie and RAPOLITICS-coaches Maj and Iris that are the master mind behind the project and will be responsible for its implementation. Check out the promo video below and read more about the project here.

4. MiMi Festival in Copenhagen

Mjølnerparken is the name of a large neighbourhood with social housing in a district of Copenhagen. It is named after a hammer called Mjølner, which belonged to Thor, God of Thunder. The MiMI festival is about inviting Copenhagen to Mjølnerparken and changing perspectives. RAPOLITICS-coaches Spontan and Maykel facilited a rap workshop for children and adolescents.

5. Travel to Lebanon: We Love Asphalt and Hip-Hop!

RAPOLITICS-coaches Pelle and Emil went to Lebanon with GAME to contribute to the project entitled Democracy Makers. The project aims at educating young people in Lebanon to become ambassadors of democracy through street basketball, street football, street dance and rap. Pelle and Emil facilitated rap workshops, recorded tracks with local rappers and performed for over 400 youth.