The voice of Egyptian raptivists cannot be silenced

Af Kiki Hynding Hansen

From the outside it looks like any other dusty brown building in Egypt. But when you get closer you see paint on the wall outside the building announcing that something interesting is happening on the second floor. If you dare to enter and climb the old rusty staircase you will find a hidden treasure.

Behind tall doors there is an unexpected world: walls painted with all styles of graffiti; a studio with sound-isolated rooms and professional equipment for recording music; and training facilities for graffiti art and music production. Last but not least, you will find a place full of young hopeful rappers and artists.

When the doors opened for the official opening event Saturday 22nd of June, it was not only the culmination of years’ struggle and several months of hard manual work. It was also the beginning of a new dream. TeMraz, one of the raptivists behind Revolution Records, says:

 This was my biggest dream, now the next will be to win a Grammy!

The grand opening

With hard work, great ambitions and a little bit of luck, RAPOLITICS and Revolution Records got in touch about a year ago. This was the beginning of what is now the center of the underground music and especially hip hop scene in Alexandria, Egypt.