RapLab: A Revolutionary Hip-Hop Training Camp

Af Emilie Henriksen

What do 35 rappers from Denmark, Lebanon, Egypt and Palestine have in common? They all want to change the world through their music. Therefore, RAPOLITICS invited them to participate in the RapLab MENA-DK project where the goal was to create a musical manifest for the future and to exchange knowledge on cultural issues and raptivism during an intense nine day training camp.

Teaching rap to Danish high school students

During the training camp, the rappers went through a programme consisting of activism, raptivism and loads of other workshops. The 35 rappers also had to put their own knowledge into use by facilitating workshops on social change and democratic citizenship in Danish high schools.

”In the process of teaching, there is always something to learn. I’ve learned that if I introduce rap as a tool, a framework to describe one’s feeling, it’ll be easily adopted by others despite their musical preferences”, says Palestinian rapper Rami about his experience.

For Danish rapper Tina Mweni, it was a matter of course to participate in the project. Here, Tina had the possibility to learn more about raptivism and exchange knowledge on the subject with a lot of other rappers with different backgrounds and experiences. She says:

”RapLab was a great possibility to meet other rappers with a passion for social change and to be inspired by them and their music”