Palestinian Artivism in the Streets of Copenhagen

Af Rapolitics

Seven young Palestinian street artists visited Denmark in July 2014 in order to bring some artivism and decorate a series of murals and tunnels with Danish graffiti artists.

The seven artists were invited by the Danish organizationStreetStudiesto participate in a project funded by theDanish Center for Culture and Development. The purpose of the project was to provide the young artists from Nablus, Ramallah and Jerusalem with a creative platform where they could learn more about graffiti and street art, express their views in murals and engage in a dialogue with Danish artists and the public in general.RAPOLITICS was invited to perform at an opening of one of the murals at Nørrebro, Copenhagen. RAPOLITICS-coaches Emil and Kristian performed some tracks  and Mads, Chairman of the board of RAPOLITICS, went along and took some pictures. The result is this photo blog – and an amazing piece of artivism. We hope you appreciate it.

Located by the metro fence and bike lane in the Nørrebro Park, many people biked and walked by and stopped, listened to the music and asked about the project.

“Are you enjoying the fireworks?” the graff wall is asking next to the painting of a city getting bombed.

RAPOLITICS-coach  Emil (aka Mc Ske) spitting verses from Tommorrow Today tracks, while beatboxer Nico Omega supports him with a beat.

RAPOLITICS-coaches Emil (aka Mc Ske) and Kristian (aka Krez) are rapping to the the beatboxer Nico Omega, while the graff artists are finishing the last details on the mural.

The Palestinian street artists are finishing the piece together with Steffen GreyOne from Street Studies.

El Kofeyye, the Palestinian scarf, is getting added on wall as one of the last things + A lot of cans – A lot of colors.

The street artists finishing the last details on the olive tree.

Final result – a great piece of artivism in a mural in Copenhagen! The mural is a statement about the situation in Gaza. The seven street artists are now back in Palestine with an interest of starting a branch of StreetStudies in the West Bank. For more information about the project, please visit Street Studies.