Congolese asylum seekers dance the dead to life in a Chapel in Copenhagen

Af Rapolitics

RAPOLITICS sent our communication volunteer Peter Thomsen to Hip Hop Games in Copenhagen. We supported Bob and Bantu from La Folie Crew with their participation in the Hip Hop Games event at Dansekapellet in Copenhagen (April 2016). Here is his short report with some great pictures.

The rhythm resonates with the crowd seated around the renovated chapel. Bob, on the floor known as ‘Style M’, slides forward. This is how he breathes. He moves smoothly into the spotlight, as he jeers into half a backflip and a hand stand. Eventhough he has not been able to practice for weeks, his form is still close to flawless. Back in Congo, he used to dance at least six hours a day.

What he and his dance crew, La Folie, do is dangerous, unless you put in both the time and effort to get it right. He and his crewmate, Bantu, have plenty of time. The space they still haven’t found. They are both asylum seekers living in a refugee camp in Næstved, Denmark. They are both breakers and neither of them can understand why others can play football in the camp, while they are unable to get a rehearsal space.

The crowd applauds. Bob smiles as Bantu takes the floor. This is what they want to do. To them dance is form of communication that transcends borders, nationalities and gender – it is pure.

See more pictures from Hip Hop Games here and see them in action here (OBS: this video is not from the Hip Hop Games event, but it shows how talented they are).